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EOSC is Re Open starting on the 19th.

24 May 2020 10:43 AM | Drew (Administrator)

Below is the E-mail from the Land owner with the new procedures.

  •  A registration booth has been installed at the EOSC entrance. 
  • Each member will register with the attendant and provide his/her name, membership number and shooting range where they will shoot.
  • Inside the grounds of the EOSC, members will practice social distancing and keep 6ft apart. This is everyone’s responsibility.
  • In order to respect social distancing rules, the EOSC cannot safely accommodate more than 34 members/shooters at any one time. Therefore, members may need to wait outside the Club before being able to enter the grounds.
  • In order to give everyone a fair chance to come and shoot, we ask that you limit your visit to the EOSC to TWO hours. 
  • Guests will NOT be permitted at the moment.
  • Each range has been equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant and paper towels to maintain firing stations (tables and chairs) sanitized. Members are expected to sanitize stations before their shooting session.
  • We ask that members who have recently travelled outside the country or who are displaying any signs of the virus, to please remain at home
That’s it for now! We realize that this new reality will take some getting used to but with everyone’s cooperation we should have a good summer.

Thanks to all the members and hope to see you soon.

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