Club Administrative System Changes


Over the next few months the club will be undergoing some major changes in our administrative systems,. Some of these systems are listed below.

  • Member Management Software (Database) is being replaced
  • Club file storage structure is being replaced
  • Current WordPress website is being replaced.
  • Current Web forums are being replaced
  • News Letter System is being replaced
  • Club E-mail System is being Replaced
  • Current Events Calendar and Event booking system is to be replaced
  • PayPal is to be replaced as a payment option for Credit cards.

Our last major refresh of this level was in 2010. it’s been almost 10 years, it’s about time to move some things forward.

You will likely get an e-mail at some point telling you your “membership has been made active”. the URL of the website in question is currently located at This is a real address and is the future home of EOSC.CA, but until the content is finished the URL will not be moved.

Some of the things that these changes will cause to happen are;

  • A Reset of the club forum Content
  • A re-issue of new member numbers to all Member numbers
  • New member card Format
  • New Member cards will be issued at the 2019/2010 renewal. (Your current cards, Numbers & Stickers are fine)
  • New Event Calendar & Event registry System
  • New way for new member courses to be sold
  • Better Renewal Handling system
  • New online Payment System (PayPal has changed their fees and terms of service since we started with them)

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, Please feel free to e-mail

Club E-mail Changing


The E-mail System conversion has been completed, Everything should be more or less back to working now.

We are undergoing some changes / Maintenance to our Club e-mail system, and as such we may not have access to e-mail for a short period. I will post once it’s completed.

Volunteers Needed.Range Clean Up May 19, 2018


We are doing a total range clean up on

Saturday MAY 19

This will be “yard cleanup” work. No construction projects.

Just show up at 9 am if you are willing to help. The more members we get out, the quicker it goes.

Please bring shovels, rakes, brooms etc. if you can.

Gloves and work boots are a good idea.

Bring any snacks you feel you may need, there will be water supplied.

In the past these have taken between 1 ½ hrs to 4 hours depending on attendance.


Thanks in advance.

Reminder about the Gate code.


We are still getting e-mails asking for the gate combination.

We have said for many years we will not give the gate combination through an e-mail, or over the phone (the club does not have a phone and I don’t think anyone can expect an exec member to use, or give their personal phone number out for club use)

If you do not have the gate combination it means you do not have your member card with you and should not be using the range anyway. All members must display their card with current sticker while on the range.

Membership Expire Notices Sent out in Error to Some members.


For some reason, the site has sent out a number of Membership expiring soon notices to members who are already renewed. If this is the case, You can double check the status of the membership if you log in and go to the “Member’s Only Area” on the top, then “Edit my Profile” Choose “Memberships” from the list on the left side, then Choose “Manage” You should see a screen that looks like the one below.










If the Date says 2018 then you are fine, but if you could send me an e-mail to webmaster so I can look in to why this is happening that would be great.


Range Closed Dates


The club will be closed Monday Oct 16 & Tuesday OCT 17 for Cleanup and CFO Inspection. Please do not plan to attend on either of these two days.

Renewals On Hold- UPDATED


UPDATE: The Paypal problem has been resolved, Renewals are back online.

Online renewals are on hold for a bit, there seems to be a problem with the paypal processor adding random fees. This hopefully will be resolved soon.

Shooting Time Rules Change.


As of Sept 30, 2017

Anyone found shooting before 9 am, or continuing to shoot past posted times on any day will receive an AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION OF THEIR MEMBERSHIP FOR 40 DAYS.

We will not have EOSC shut down for noise complaints because a few members cannot resist the urge to shoot before or after posted hours.

We are relying heavily on upstanding members to help curb this problem by approaching offenders to correct them, and record and report their member number to CRO@EOSC.CA

The rules regarding the club hours of operation have been in place for decades. It is written on 4 x 8 foot rule signs on all ranges, it is covered extensively and with emphasis on the member introductory course every member attended, it is printed on the back of member cards, and all members signed a declaration to adhere to club rules.

This continues to be a major issue, regardless of the attention this rule receives in introductory courses and various written forms available to all members, and the disregard for the club hours of operation can only be interpreted as members are willfully ignoring this particular rule putting the continued operation of EOSC in danger.

Our neighbours have been extremely patient considering the growth of membership over the last 4 or 5 years from 300 to around 1350 members, and the exponential increase in noise, but indicators are the neighbours are reaching a limit, and rightfully so.

Noise complaints are responsible for the closure of many ranges in Canada. Noise has always been the most successful and effective excuse to permanently close ranges, and “who was there first” is irrelevant.

EOSC has always been reluctant to add rules, and certainly does not want to add rules requiring extreme measures such as mandatory suspension or expulsion of members, but the blatant disregard for some of the easier rules to follow, and in particular the shooting time rules, despite the club executive begging and pleading for compliance with limited co-operation, has left EOSC with no alternative.

As the club executive, our responsibility is to the safety of our members, and to protect the integrity and reputation of EOSC, which includes taking measures to ensure the club stays open and operational.

If the small percentage of delinquent members cannot respect and abide by the few rules we have, there is no alternative than to institute harsh consequences for this disregard.

Members who abide by the established allowable shooting times will not be affected by this initiative.


Renewals for 2017 / 2018 Membership year are now Open.


The renewals for the 2017/2018 membership year are now open and you can find them at this URL.

If you missed the Renewal deadline for the 2016/2017 member year, and your membership card has the yellow sticker, You can renew for the remainder of this year and next year using the renewal found at this link.



We now give you shipping options, It can go in Canada post, OR you can pick it up from the club on a New member course date. Once you get an e-mail saying the renewal order is completed and ready for pickup. the Next new member course (And each one after that) It will be at the club office available for pickup.