Shooting Time Rules Change.

As of Sept 30, 2017

Anyone found shooting before 9 am, or continuing to shoot past posted times on any day will receive an AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION OF THEIR MEMBERSHIP FOR 40 DAYS.

We will not have EOSC shut down for noise complaints because a few members cannot resist the urge to shoot before or after posted hours.

We are relying heavily on upstanding members to help curb this problem by approaching offenders to correct them, and record and report their member number to CRO@EOSC.CA

The rules regarding the club hours of operation have been in place for decades. It is written on 4 x 8 foot rule signs on all ranges, it is covered extensively and with emphasis on the member introductory course every member attended, it is printed on the back of member cards, and all members signed a declaration to adhere to club rules.

This continues to be a major issue, regardless of the attention this rule receives in introductory courses and various written forms available to all members, and the disregard for the club hours of operation can only be interpreted as members are willfully ignoring this particular rule putting the continued operation of EOSC in danger.

Our neighbours have been extremely patient considering the growth of membership over the last 4 or 5 years from 300 to around 1350 members, and the exponential increase in noise, but indicators are the neighbours are reaching a limit, and rightfully so.

Noise complaints are responsible for the closure of many ranges in Canada. Noise has always been the most successful and effective excuse to permanently close ranges, and “who was there first” is irrelevant.

EOSC has always been reluctant to add rules, and certainly does not want to add rules requiring extreme measures such as mandatory suspension or expulsion of members, but the blatant disregard for some of the easier rules to follow, and in particular the shooting time rules, despite the club executive begging and pleading for compliance with limited co-operation, has left EOSC with no alternative.

As the club executive, our responsibility is to the safety of our members, and to protect the integrity and reputation of EOSC, which includes taking measures to ensure the club stays open and operational.

If the small percentage of delinquent members cannot respect and abide by the few rules we have, there is no alternative than to institute harsh consequences for this disregard.

Members who abide by the established allowable shooting times will not be affected by this initiative.